Team or Strategy Development in a Unique Setting

An inspiring ‘Skogsfloating’

session brings participants together, to create stronger, more open, relationships. A variety of themes can be addressed, such as:

  • building stress resiliency in a team
  • boosting work-life integration
  • developing greater emotional agility
  • enhancing cohesiveness as a team
  • having a creative management strategy development or culture change brainstorm session

Or a day of fun & relaxation!

A way of saying thank you to your colleagues…

Conference center Kapellerput in Heeze provides a playful location, as a background to Skogsfloating. Standing in the midst of a beautiful woods, the gently rocking ‘chairs’, situated in a circle, and aided by Mother Nature, provide the foundation for relaxation, reflection and creativity – key words for the day.

The experience of tranquility

and weightlessness, gives the space and freedom to become ‘still’ – to connect with yourself and your colleagues. Feelings of safety, equality and belonging are all strongly enhanced while in the skog’s circle.

It’s the ultimate combination of enjoyment and learning: a day to be nurtured in nature and to become inspired, in and out of the ‘skogs’. During this day, particpants will have ‘their time in the sun’, perhaps also literally, should the sun decide to shine. One thing is certain, it will be a memorable day.

With the highly praised conference facilities offered at Kapellerput,

Skogsfloating can also be set in as a ‘re-energizing break’

during an intensive training program. Participants benefit from a few minutes of guided peace and relaxation, while gently swaying in the skogs, deep in nature. They will return to the meeting space, feeling more energized and being more focused for the rest of the program.

Contact Us!

We will discuss with you what your desired outcomes are and how best these can be facilitated. The minimum number of participants is 6 and the maximum number is 22.

These sessions can be held in either English or Dutch