One-on-One Coaching

In 1.5 hours,

over 6 – 7 sessions, your employee will receive practical, simple, yet very effective resiliency strategies, exercises, tips and tools which he/she can easily implement in their daily life.

With the help of their personal Resiliency Workbook, they will gain greater emotional agility, learning how to:

  • Take care of # 1 (themselves!) by making more supportive choices
  • Know their strengths and put them into action
  • Create supportive coping strategies
  • Gain clarity about their purpose
  • Develop self-awareness skills

Give your employee, the gift of a thriving and energetic life.

Team Coaching

Communication is the key!

Most team challenges exist as a result of poor or miscommunication. Increasing diversity in teams, along with additional challenges as a result of virtual/digital changes, makes for additional potential miscommunication.

If the team challenge is great enough, we will start with individual interviews with all or part of the team, across all levels. This determines the basis and extent of what needs to be focused upon.

In a safe environment, the team members are brought together. By sharing and learning to express themselves in a respectful and appreciative manner, bridges are built.

In addition to the topics listed in one-on-one coaching, we will cover the topics needed to build their resiliency muscles, including how to become increasingly stress hardy. As well, we’ll develop the variables of resiliency such as emotional self-regulation, self-efficacy, and mental agility among others.

The team will enjoy greater collaboration, while gaining a better understanding of one another’s values, strengths and needs.

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