Personal Resiliency Sessions

University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Department defines Resilience as follows:

“It is the ability to bounce back from adversity
and the ability to grow from challenges.

In one-on-one Personal Resiliency Sessions of circa 1.5 hours you’ll receive practical, simple, yet very effective resiliency strategies, exercises, tips and tools which you can easily implement in your daily life. You will gain greater emotional agility, learning how to:

Gain clarity about your purpose

Know your strengths and put them into action

Develop self-awareness skills

Create supportive coping strategies

Take care of # 1 by making  more supportive choices

What’s important to know is that it is not required that you share personal information about yourself. If it helps you to use specific examples in the coaching sessions then the decision to share will be yours. One-on-one fees: The fee for a 1.5 hour session is € 150,- pp excluding BTW/VAT.

Give yourself the gift of a vital, energetic life. You are worth it. Please contact me for more information. Creating Raves reviews can be found here.