Organizations Need to Wake Up! Live your Values…

Organizations need to wake up. Nothing is, as it was before. We are experiencing an information overload, having more choices than ever before. We are taxing our already overly taxed brains, to their outmost. Our genetic development to handle this, is being outpaced by technological development. Job security is a thing of the past.

The Past
My father would be 106 years old now, if he was still alive. He passed away at the age of 82, and he was secure that the company he worked for, and was extremely loyal to for 30 years up to his retirement and afterwards, would be there for him, year after year. And it was. My mother continued to receive his pension until her death at the age of 99, another 20 years later.  Molson’s Brewery, started in 1786 in Montreal, Canada, is still there today. An M&A in 2005 with the US based Coors company, and the Molson Coors Brewing Company was formed. Beer is a staple. A good tasting beer, will stay its course (under the right direction, of course).

Even if Dad didn’t agree with decisions made, he would never have spoken out against the company that employed him. He lived in a different era, had 5 children and his wife to support. He was grateful for what his company offered him. We learned this gratefulness also, as children.

The Present
Young people today don’t have, and many don’t want, that kind of job security. They also don’t ‘buy’ into the work ethics of those who have been around for 20+ years. Working against your personal values, causes stress. If an ‘anything goes’ attitude thrives in a corporate culture in order to achieve results, then they begin to doubt what role they want to ‘play’ in that business. Since there is a plethora of jobs, they can choose the kind of company they want to be employed by. The ‘war for talent’ is an oft-used expression, for a good reason. If you don’t want to lose valuable talent, then you need to change some things.

The Solution
It starts with a culture of care. Putting people first, not profits. That’s not saying profits aren’t important. Only a fool would say that. What it does say, is that by putting people first, the profits are going to come.
Take a page out out of the mission of Marriott International’s, a Fortune 200 business: “If we take care of our people, they will take care of our customers, and the customers will come back.”
In his Forbes article, The Power of Putting People First, Rasmus Hougaard states “shareholder wealth has steadily become more important than employee health”.

I don’t profess to have the best answer for your organization to develop thriving employees but I do profess that among the partners I collaborate with, together we do. I work with some of the best consultants and trainers, to provide your organization with the expertise you need, to start putting people first! Let your workplace thrive.