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Recovery + Renewal = Resiliency

(Image by What would happen if you were to take your car on the highway, press the gas pedal to the floor and drive without slowing or stopping? I think we could make a safe bet that sooner or later, your car would run out of gas…at worst, you could possibly damage the engine. […]

The Week of the Work Stress

What is the Week of Work Stress? Minister Asscher, from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, wants to make work stress a topic for open discussion and action between employers and employees. Preventing illness and absenteeism due to work stress and the stimulation of work pleasure is more important than ever. Each November, the […]

What’s in a smile?

It turns out … a lot! We can turn it up, and turn it on in a split second. It’s an instant pick-me-upper. I don’t feel like smiling, you say? Do it anyway. You will feel better. And if feeling better isn’t on your agenda, then do it to increase your creativity and your logical […]

A Reflective Moment

(Photo by B. Farrell) I wonder why it seems important to step back at this time of year and reflect over what the year has brought… Somehow I’m drawn to doing this. Even though I know, as in the words of my husband, that ‘every day is the start of a new year’. By the […]

Develop Smart Strategies to Stress Less

Why do we all suffer so much? Why is there so much suffering in the world? This past week I heard these questions in an interview with Dr. Mark Hyman M.D. It set me to thinking. What happens when we turn these two questions around: How can we thrive? How can we help create a […]